The Show

Welcome to Talents of Canada, the first live talent show in net-broadcast history where there will be no sitting judges. Instead, you, the live audience at this venue will get to vote real-time simply by using your SMS based mobile App or paper forms available at every seat if you are attending in person.

The Voices of Vancouver Show is scheduled for July 21st with a projected audience of over 1000 attendees.

Look for our social marketing campaigns coming to you through social medias and YouTube in the near future.

To Prospective Participants

We are presently inviting all interested performers to send us an application along with the links of their recent recordings or performances for review in a two round pre-selection process, after which a group of 15 finalists will appear live on our stage.

We expect a lively, exciting show which will also provide entertainment including skits and segments from additional local participants and performers.

We are looking forward to a great showing of our local talent that is sure to be fun for all.


Looking for 15 of BC's Top Talented Singers

We Create Celebrities

We invite you to take your first step towards becoming a celebrity and to start your journey towards this destination we only need your talent.

There are no registration fees or any other obligations.

Just join us and let our audience make you a star.

The audition will be a 20-minute section. We will select talents from there for the 21st show. Even you are not selected, you may be in our promo video with thousands of viewers.

Closed: 21st event singer registration.
Please regiter for the next event, we will contact you.


Huree! It is a free event. Inviting you to select our talents. You're the judge!
This event is completely run by sponsorship and donations.

Even it is free, book your spot and be our judge !

We will reserve you some prime spot and add your mobile number to the voting application.
Participants no need to register.

Not satisfied with the information provided ?

Call 1 888-347-3948

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Your help, volunteering and suggestions are really valuable for us